Monday, March 28, 2011

Desperation Shots 5-7 & Who's Who is Pool

Below is another set of hopefully humorous desperation shots. Below that is a "Who's Who" of who is still alive in the pool and their potential charitable winnings.

Desperation Shot #5 - It was great that the games were on 4 different channels. That way when they cut to a commercial on CBS you could switch over to TNT. And watch a different commercial.

Desperation Shot #6 - It's is amazing that Calipari has brought Kentucky to the Final 4 in just 2 years. It'll be even more amazing when in a couple more years he makes that Final 4 appearance disappear.

Desperation Shot #7 - So after literally countless hours of watching this tournament, I can say I've only learned one thing for certain - 1993 was the year that "Whoop There It Is" was released. Or was it 1995?


We ended up with 121 entrants. 105 opted to make a contribution with the other 16 choosing to play for the Jimmy V Foundation. The total charitable pot is $2620. So, 1st place - $1,572, 2nd place $524, 3rd place $262, 4th place $144, Directly to Jimmy V - $141. Once again, those who weren't playing for Jimmy V will get their winning sent to them and, of course, are expected to forward it on to the charity of their choice.

VCU Rams beat UCONN Huskies in finals
1.Amy Young ($1,572) - The girlfriend of my neighbor Craig. At the beginning of the season he incredibly predicted the Rams would be in the Final 4. Unfortunately he was referring to his Fordham Rams, not the VCU Rams.

2.Bruce Mitnick ($524) - My friend Dr. Tony Schwagerl's brother's boss. That's right, his name is Bruce and he is "The Boss." No word on whether he was born to run.

3.Tim Humongo Dong Connors ($262) - A man who obviously has very small hands.

4.Mark Jones ($72)- A good friend of Attorney Dana Gravina who still holds out hope that someone, anyone, will respond to his advertisement on this site.

4.Mike Walsh Jr. ($72 going directly to Jimmy V) - A young man who might be wishing that his dad was a bit less charitable.

VCU Rams beat Kentucky in Finals
1.Mark Jones ($1,572) - see above

2.Kevin Florenz ($524) - A buddy from St. Bonaventure who thanks to Facebook always remembers my birthday. Maybe if I become "friends" with my wife, she'll remember my birthday too.

3.Eugene Chin ($262) - The father-in-law of a woman whose daughter went to preschool with my daughter 5 years ago. This definitely proves that I ask every person I've ever met to join this pool.

4. David Ayres ($144) - When I was a mere 18 years old I caught the garter at his wedding to the best looking girl in my neighborhood. He and all his buddies started yelling, "Go for the monkey David!" I still have no idea what that means.

UCONN wins it all.

1. Bruce Mitnick ($1,572)

2. Mike Walsh Jr ($524 - for Jimmy V)

3. Mike Walsh ($262 - playing for Jimmy V) - a friend of Attorney Jim Rogal who took a case with me all the way up to the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachussetts. For those of you who are not lawyers, the phrase "took a case" is a euphemism for "lost".

4.Amy Young ($144)

KENTUCKY wins it all

1.Mark Jones ($1,572)

2.Kevin Florenz ($524)

3.Nico Karagosian ($262 - playing for Jimmy V) - a man who has openly admitted to being a friend of "Golden Balls".

4.Eugene Chin ($144)

BUTLER beats Kentucky in Finals
1. Mark Jones ($1,572)
2. Kevin Florenz ($524)
3. Eugene Chin ($262)
4. David Ayres ($144)

BUTLER beats UConn in Finals
1. Amy Young ($1,572)
2. Bruce Mitnick ($524)
3. Tim Humongo Dong Connors ($262)
4. Mark Jones ($72)
4. Mike Walsh Jr. ($72- For Jimmy V)

Finally, thanks again to Gary Manis for collecting all of the charitable donations. And for agreeing to deal with the authorities should they refuse to believe this pool is in fact charitable.

Take it easy,

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Jim J. said...

With six teams left I had a shot at Carolina, Kansas, and UConn. Now I have no shot. Good luck to those who remain!