Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hopefully Humorous Rankings 2011-12 - Week1

To All,

College hoops season is finally here and there are lots of new names to learn. So, for this season's first installment of Hopefully Humorous Rankings I'll try to help familiarize you with some of the best names in the game. Just to clarify, that's the best names, not necessarily the best players.

#17 - UCLA: After giving birth to 7 children, it seemingly made sense to the parents of the Bruins junior college transfer to name him De'End Parker. But then came De'Condombroke.

#57 - St. John's: You'd think that a guy named Sir'Dominic Pointer would clearly have the best name on his team. You'd be wrong. That honor goes to God'sgift Achiuwa. Wow. And you thought your parents put pressure on you.

#84 - Duquesne: The Dukes have a freshman forward named Mamadou Datt. There is a pretty good chance that he is the only player in Div 1 hoops whose name explains his conception.

# 264 - South Dakota: The star of the Coyotes freshman class - Nimrod Hilliard. Actually that's not completely accurate. It's Nimrod Hilliard IV. That's right, he is now the 4th person to suffer with that name. Note to Nimrod: please make the pain stop with you.

Also, in case you don't know, I've written a book with comedian Paul Nardizzi called, "Things That Might Annoy . . . A Yankee Fan." We have similar books coming out soon and we're hoping "Things That Might Annoy . . . A Duke Fan" is amongst them. Each time I put up a new post I'll try to include one thing that might annoy a Duke fan. If you have any ideas, please feel free to pass them along.

Things That Might Annoy A Duke Fan: #1 - As Coach K gets closer to the all time wins record, remind a Dukie of what happened to the last college coach after he surpassed a wins record.

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Jim J said...

That comment on Coach K is brutal!